Lenovo U460 shutdown unexpectedly in Swichable graphic mode

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I'm using U460 with win XP. I used it for long time without any problem.

But recently, It shutdown randomly.

Especially, when i was watching video with flash on web, and do action quickly (such as swich browser tabs quickly...).

So I think there is problem with graphic card or Its driver.


Then I try to research, I changed  Swichable graphic to Discrete Graphic in Configuration.

after that it come to be better. No shutdown randomly anymore. And the screen is not "blurs" anymore when i do action quickly.


But The screen is rendering slowly. I can see the images of screen is loading from top to bottom,

I installed all drivers for win xp but in "Device manager" It still doesn't recognize Video Card "Nvidia".


So i just want to ask:

- Is there any way to Nvidia card can work good in XP?

- If not, Is there any way to i fix the issue with Swichable graphic mode?


Any idea would be very appreciated!

asked Jun 27, 2015 by super (900 points)

1 Answer

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In win XP, you can't use Ndivia Video Card, because it don't have a proper driver for win XP.

You you should disable this video card in Device manager.

- Try to install latest driver for your Intel onboard card.

- Try to change screen resolution to a smaller resolution.

If above steps still don't help



The system shuts down unexpectedly during normal usage.

This tip is for the following regions: North America, South America, Central America, Western Europe, ASEAN adn RUCIS


All U460 models configured with discrete graphics that were manufactured between 1st June 2010 and 15th August 2010.

(U460S is not affected)


Root cause:

There is a defect that affects a small percentage of the heat-sinks used on the U460 that causes the graphics processor to overheat, causing the system to shutdown.


Any customer who experiences repeated unexpected shut downs should call the support number listed in their user guide. This can also be found at:


Lenovo will arrange for the system to be sent to the depot to have it reworked.

answered Jul 11, 2015 by Tai Lieu (60 points)